Access data for Mattermost Team Edition

Created on first boot. Follow these instructions on how to retrieve the password.

You should change the default credentials on first login.

System Access Data

To access the machine via SSH you need to follow the instructions in the documentation.



Mattermost requires a valid SSL certificate for some browsers. As Safari does not allow self-signed certificates for websockets connections, real-time communication may not work properly.

You may see the following error on your browser console: "WebSocket network error: OSStatus Error -9809: Invalid certificate chain". Try using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer instead. If you are running a production server, it is advisable that you set up a proper SSL certificate.

Learn how to configure SSL certificates

Do you need help?

A Quick Start Guide and FAQs for Mattermost Team Edition are available in the Bitnami Documentation.

If you can't find an answer to your question there, post to our active Community forums.

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